Sebastien Jacquelin

Sebastien Jacquelin is a researcher with special interest in haematopoiesis, cancer and epigenetic. He received his PhD specialized in immunology in 2013 from University of Paris Sud XI where he studied the role of chemokine receptor CCR2 and CX3CR1 on monocyte mobilization and recruitment following chemotherapy. In 2013 he joined Gordon and Jessie Gilmour Leukaemia lab headed by Professor Steven Lane (QIMR, Brisbane) where he investigated the mechanisms that drive leukemia transformation studying the impact of mutation acquisition within normal and preleukemic hematopoietic stem cells. In 2019, he joined the Functional cancer genomics lab headed by A/Prof Stacey Edwards where he worked to understand how genetic variants alter non-coding genome. He set up a CRISRP screen platform to target thousands of LncRNAS and identify their role in Breast cancer development. Since 2022, he Joined the Macrophage biology Lab headed by Kate Irvine and Professor David Hume (Mater Research, Brisbane). Sebastien’s research aims to identify factors that control the development and functions of myeloid cells in homeostasis and cancer to better understand these cells and to identify potential therapeutic approaches. One approach using  geno-editing to engineer mouse models selectively deleted or edited for  chromatin regulatory elements (promoter /enhancer) controlling myeloid gene (CSF1R, CSF1, IL34).

Orcid Number 0000-0001-5087-3641

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