Sahar Keshvari


Dr Sahar Keshvari’s main research interest is to investigate the role of macrophages in metabolic disorders including acute and chronic liver diseases, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Sahar’s interest in metabolic disorders started during her PhD studies, where she performed research under the supervision of Prof Whitehead on characterisation of two receptors for adiponectin. She was awarded her PhD in September 2016 and received the “2016 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Higher Degree by Research Theses”. 

 Sahar joined Macrophage biology group in March 2019 to investigate the beneficial effect of macrophage colony stimulating factor (CSF1) as a potential treatment to reverse liver fibrosis and promote liver regeneration. Sahar is also investigating the role of macrophages and potential applications of CSF1 in metabolic regulation in fat and endocrine system including pancreas.

In 2017, Sahar was awarded a Research Program grant from Diabetes Australia —the national body for people affected by all types of diabetes. In 2021 she was awarded a two year Australian Liver Foundation Pauline Hall Research Fellowship to investigate the use of CSF1 to enhance the function of donor livers before transplant. 

In 2023 she was awarded an Emerging Leadership Investigator Grant from the NH&MRC to develop her own independent research focus




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