The Csf1r-EGFP transgenic mouse line was generated by conventional pronuclear injection using a 7.2kb fragment of the mouse Csf1r locus (3.5kb promoter and the first intron, with the Csf1r start codon in exon 1 mutated) placed upstream of the EGFP coding sequence. Recent analysis suggests that there are around 20 copies of the transgene inserted in tandem of mouse chromosome 16. The original transgenic line has been backcrossed extensively to the C57BL/6 background and deposited at the Jackson Laboratories. Csf1r-EGFP mice (MacGreen) have been used extensively in studies of macrophage biology and the active promoter element was also to generate Csf1r-cre, Csf1r-mApple and other transgenes in multiple species. The transgene is expressed in the earliest detectable macrophage-lineage cells in the embryo. In adults, EGFP is also expressed by granulocytes, which express Csf1r mRNA but do not express CSF1R protein.

A macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor-green fluorescent protein transgene is expressed throughout the mononuclear phagocyte system of the mouse.
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Images below show more recent applications of this transgene in various studies from our research group

microglial cells in the cerebral cortex
Macrophages surrounding the base of the crypts in the small intestine
Csf1r-mApple and Csf1r-EGFP . Macrophages infilitrate interdigital area of footpad in emrbyo around 10.5dpc
An enface view of a Peyer's patch in the mouse ileum, highlights macrophages underlying the dome and the extensive populations in thelamina propria villi